Beautiful windows are just a click away!

Beautiful windows are just a click away!

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Since 2002

History of Infinity from Marvin

Infinity Replacement Windows from Marvin was officially launched in October 2002 as Marvin’s replacement window line. In 2022 the company celebrated 20 years of providing homeowners with a fiberglass window replacement product. 

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Ultrex has superior tensile strength and also performs well in terms of flexural modulus strength. Flexural modulus strength measures a material’s ability to bend. Ultrex is 8 times stronger than vinyl and 3 times stronger than Fibrex® when it comes to flexural modulus strength. Because of its superior strength in both measures, Infinity windows and doors stay straight and square over time, providing years of reliable operation and performance.

Replacement Windows

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Beautiful Aesthetics

When choosing windows, it’s important to consider both functionality and style. Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows are created by the same skilled engineers who design other Marvin Window and Doors products. This means you can trust them to not only look stunning but also perform well.

With a patented, bonded acrylic finish that is three times thicker than painted finishes, Infinity from Marvin windows will maintain their bright and vibrant appearance for many years. This finish is also five times more UV-resistant than vinyl, making it resistant to fading and chalking, even in darker colors.

In addition to their stylish appearance, Infinity from Marvin windows have traditional lines and shapes that provide the look of wood without sacrificing efficiency. Unlike vinyl windows, there are no unsightly tilt latch mechanisms or fuzzy weather stripping. Also, unlike vinyl, which tends to have welded corners that look incomplete or messy, Ultrex mitered corners provide a much more seamless appearance.

Who Is Jeff Ludy?

Jeff Ludy, The Window Expert, is a true visionary who passionately works towards enhancing the window industry. His team at Houston Window Experts sells and installs over 20,000 windows each year, contributing to the betterment of homes and families across the Houston metro area. Through his YouTube channel, Jeff has inspired millions of people to take charge of their home renovation journeys, enabling them to make informed decisions about window replacement.

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All Infinity Windows by Marvin are backed by with a warranty as long as you own the home